Free downloads for Christmas 2019!


At the suggestion of my old compadre Rob, I've put together a whole album of Christmas music over the last month and I've put a few of the tracks up for download. Many were reworked, Izotoped, and remastered from tracks I had before, but I did a few new ones too. It was a great way to bust out of the creative doldrums I mentioned previously. Things came out so well that I've decided to give it the full professional release next year, but for now, I share a few for fans and friends...


I have created an epic...


I wish I could report a finished album, but Chryssie really had the wind taken out of her creative sails with surgeries, recoveries, anemia, and then a broken left foot. I'm usually brimming with verve and always working on something; I've rarely had to deal with an extended stretch of near-zero creative energy. (!?! - I know, it's just not my year.) I've tried to read a lot of new science fiction in the meantime, at least, to get my mental state in the right place. However...

I have done some polishing up on a very atmospheric new piece, and I think it's reaching its final parameters, but holy album sides, it's pushing 17 minutes long! I've done a few tracks over ten minutes in the past, but it always takes me a little bit of review to convince myself that the length is necessary. One doesn't want to be indulgent, but sometimes the way the ambient flows, it just sets its own pace and cannot be swayed.

I have another promising piece that keeps to that same ethos, and is quite lengthy. The hard part with this one is it is so mesmerizing, it's actually difficult to proof-listen to the different takes! I believe this is a good thing though; I tend to work with a particular tone and try to get the playing just right, and then capture a few good performances. I do minimal editing on my ambient stuff, and much of it consists of whole takes. I do occasionally double a part if it turns out there are a few notes that absolutely must be there for the piece to work.

I do hope to get back to live performance soon too; I miss the live gigs! Anyway take care and have a scary Halloween!! xox


mid-summer update


I've finished the first round of recordings for the next solo album, and am editing the best takes right now. I had an interruption while I underwent major surgery, so I'm bloodied but unbowed! I've thrown a free download of 'Amarna' (off the Stratagem record) in the Music section, so there's a new bonus track for my summer visitors. Remember to request me on your favorite streaming services!! xox


Summer news


I'm finished with the recordings for Stomping' George, and am taking a brief hiatus from live performance to focus on my long-overdue next solo album. The stars have aligned to give me some quiet and space, and I intend to use it!!


Snowed in at the studio


We've done some tracking for the new Stomping' George opus, and the band tried out a couple of the new ones on our KCOM broadcast. I've been involved in some rather prosaic studio-type stuff such as chasing down 60 Hz ground buzz, replacing the TC Electronics D2, and refurbishing the Marshall with electrolytic capacitors and new tubes and lalala. I do most all of my electronics work so I guess it's just part of the mantra. For the deep ambient work, I do like the "wet-dry-wet" approach of three amplifiers, and just using two amps can introduce head-scratching ground loops, so that rather tedious task must be done. I almost always use amps when recording; going direct just doesn't breathe well to my ear when tracking or listening back. I do think it contributes to a distinctive tone when all is said and done. I mostly use good old Shure 57s, but I frequently mix in some of my other pricey mics to get the sound I'm after. Making a good recording is a lot of hard work, but it's good fun too, so I really appreciate all the folks who listen to my music!


2019 arrives...


So I've gone back and forth on the one album I was working on, which is a rare live recording from around the Airlock period. I'm quite happy with my performances, but I'm still hesitant regarding the intonation of the horn player I recorded with. I think it makes more sense to do a brand-new ambient recording (perhaps two back to back) whilst I work on producing the next Stompin' George album. We've settled on several songs and should start tracking soon. Everything always seems to take longer, right?

Meanwhile I heard from Matt Labarge that the Omnia record has been getting traction on Sirius satellite, so maybe that album will finally get the attention it truly deserves. Yay!!


working on a new Stompin' George recording


Hey there,

Been performing a lot, so progress is a bit slow on getting new Chrys' music out there. On the plus side, I'm in smoking good form and we've almost enough material for a new George Eldon album.


new ambient album has been mastered


Heard from Jim Wilson that the new record is done and waiting to pass the drive test. It will be titled "The Excursion", so that makes eminent sense...

woo hoo!


New ambient album coming soon!


Yes, ambient fans, it's on its way!

Since returning to Colorado, a recording I did around the time of Through the Airlock has resurfaced. My copies had been lost when pipes burst in my house in Madison - Chuck from Stompin' George had one of the very few CDs I printed at the time. He assured me it was "perfect", so Jim Wilson is currently mastering the music for proper release.

As usual, this album is quite distinctive - I don't want to give too much away, but if you like the long, dreamy stuff, you will be very happy.




New re-mix of Phoenix's "Trying to be Cool"


Busting out of my solitude, and throwing up a re-mix for y'all to download for free! I'm sure you've always wondered what would happen if I ever got together with these French maestros... let me know what you think!


Endeavoring to persevere


Hey everybody,

I have been practicing my guitar a lot lately, but outside of some songwriting with Stomping' George, my creative spirit has been somewhat impacted the past several weeks. This is due to a grave injustice inflicted on me by some institutions in late January - I'm not free to speak of it yet, but the events I have gone through defy all rationality or proportion. While I was not physically hurt, I have been persecuted and my psyche is not its usual serene self. Art teaches us to channel our adversity; it's tough but I am trying.

I'm dialing in sounds and shredding it up though, so keep me in your thoughts and request my music on KEPC and KRCC in Colorado, and on XM-Sirius and the other streaming services if you are further away.

The best must surely be coming!




It's 2018!


Hey all,

Been doing a lot of performing; took a little break from making albums since I got two full-lengths out last year! Nonetheless, I'm back at it, recording solo pieces ala Through the Airlock. I'll post snippets as the year progresses!


advance review for Omnia


Hey all,

I got this message from Mr. Labarge and it contains such a sweet review of the new album that I'll just cut and paste:

"A woman in my town who got it pre-release last week made a point of telling me that she'd only bought it "because she likes me", but after listening thinks it's "the music of heaven" and going forward will only listen to it lying down, with her eyes closed, and from beginning to end.  I can't imagine a finer review."

I can't either!

And thanks again, DJ Vicky Gregor on KRCC, for playing "Aeterna" last week! She is such a swell resource for good music - I love her shows!


Hey - solo show in Manitou Springs just added


Met Mike and Brian from CK Comics who run an "unplugged"-sort of music event and they had a cancellation. I don't usually do things like this, but they were nice so... Wednesday at 8 o'clock!


Omnia released today!


And here's another full-length for 2017 - a collaboration with Matt Labarge using the moniker Larkenlyre. It's my most ambient release in quite a long time!

Check it out here.


KRCC adds Grand Transients


Good to get some airplay for the new record on one of my favorite stations!


More airplay!


Thanks to John Diliberto and crew at Echoes for the lovely comments and continuing airplay on Echoes in February! Loving it!!




Echoes Top 25 in January

not skipping a beat...


I've finished a few tracks for the new Matt Labarge album already. I don't want to give any details anyway, but I have done some things I haven't attempted before on recordings, and I do think that fans of my work will enjoy this album too when it comes out.


Spark the Future is here!


The album's in at the factory! Of course it arrived an hour after I left town for a short winter break, but it will be out in January!!

I am jumping right back into recording, as I have a collaboration with Matt Labarge that I'll be working on. I did a good bit of guitar on his last album, Larkenlyre.

I also need to get a follow-up to Through the Airlock organized. I have a number of suitable tracks, but I'll want to get some more novel sound designs to make something truly swell...


New album is mastered!


Sounds super-awesome double-wide turbo-charged!!


hot August night


recording Matt Covert playing flute, just to change things up...


Mixes finished for new album!


Whew! After a long stretch, I have a new album getting ready to be mastered! It's a monster...


Berning, Berning, Berning


For my birthday, I did a re-mix for Bernie Sanders! Hope you like it!




I've posted a melancholy song from deep in the Tokyo Vogue vault today. In solidarity and memoriam...


new album almost finished


Hey all,

We've got eight solid tracks, most of them ready to go for mastering. There'll be some new music for you quite soon!


Daisy Glow


As part of the Tasti Box/Gallery of Voices show in Des Moines this Saturday, I'll be making a guest appearance in the Daisy Glow set for Tasti Box! This is full-on EDM so bring your dancing shoes and rave on!!

Using this live show to get my lead chops razor-sharp for some of the final tracks on the next album, which is slowly but surely getting done. It'll be upbeat and has a wonderful atmosphere already!


plugging away...


still working on new material for the next album. It's sounding amazing!


Seeker Song


Daniel Johnson finally released his amazing song based around the piece I wrote for the theme music of To the Best of Our Knowledge. I have permission to share it! You can find it in the Listen section, along with the lyrics (!) and the whole story behind the song, including my take on the work and why it holds special meaning for me.




Moving full steam ahead with the collaboration with MVS. Several songs are ready-to-launch; the rest need some individual tracking but have their structure and attitude together. This is going to be a good one...

Meanwhile, I'll be doing a show in Colorado at the end of March, doing the rock guitar hero for a band I used to play with semi-regularly several years ago. Should be fun!!

More soon!


War in America


A Mark Pistel re-mix of "Laws of Nature" that I was not aware of has come down the tubes - a very aggressive track I might add. I've shared it on the Listen page. I was always unsatisfied with the mix released on the CD (it was done while I was not around, and was… not what I intended).

This mix kicks serious ass!


My time with the Mission U.K.


If you ever wondered how that whole chapter went down, I highly recommend Alex Daniele's new book The Mission: At War with the Gods. It is well-written and full of highly researched detail - I bought a couple of copies for my family for Christmas gifts this year. Don't tell them!!


new recordings


Slowly whittling away the backlog and planning the new epic...


Guitar Wing


So a friend of mine has forwarded me a device that controls MIDI and attaches to the guitar - not a pickup! I think this may be crucial for doing the type of video performance I envision for the near future. I won't have time to mess with it for awhile though… this is a busy time of year for me as I teach (great gig - do a show but you don't have to learn any songs!).

I continue to chip away at the recordings backlog. I'm through with the initial edit of "Clouds" but there are several patches that need attention...


A great summer!


A lot of fun shows, beautiful places, and wonderful friends marked my summer! I'll play a little show for some close friends next weekend in Madison - Michael Ver Steegt and Matt Covert may finally get to meet!

So I am now going through some of the many recordings that pile up while I was earning a doctorate, and many of them are top-notch! The issue is whether they will all fit together...

Anyway, I'm finally mixing "Clouds", the Debussy epic I tracked two years ago. It's sounding spectacular!

Hoping for a release for Christmas, but that might be ambitious.


solo shows


Looks like I may do a bit of playing this summer to support Intrinsic. Fun last minute show at the Aldo Leopold Foundation last night!


A summer tour?


I'm thinking about it...


Earth Day 2014



An album I contributed a lot of guitar to is now sitting at Echoes #14 slot. Nice news for a Friday!



Youtube video


Here's the first of a few videos we've put together for youtube:


Song of the Dodo




Earth Day 2014???


There's rumor of a reprise of last year's show… stay tuned!


New show coming up!


Had a great meeting with the River Arts Center people today for the Cosmographie show on March 14! This should be a good one!


Well Adjusted People


OK - two albums featuring tracks I played guitar on this year have come out. What You've Got is the album I was working on with Bill Shore before his heartbreaking and untimely death earlier this year. I performed with Bill Shore with Tokyo Vogue as well as the Joy Scouts, with whom we did an immensely fun tour of Ireland in the 90's. We had many "peak" life experiences together; if I dwell on it I'll just cry so I won't - here's the link for the album so you can enjoy the music:


What You've Got - Well Adjusted People


Have a great holiday season everyone - I'll post a Christmas song soon...


Music of the Extraordinary Voyages


I just received advance copies of the Matthew Labarge album I contributed guitar tracks to this fall - can't wait to have some time to listen to the whole work properly, but the cover art looks great!


Session guitar work


Somehow in the last couple of months I managed to fit in recording guitar for five tracks on Matthew Labarge's upcoming new album. Should be a fun way to hear some of the newer techniques I've been developing as well as hearing my guitar sound in a new context. Matt's been a peer as well as a fan of my music for a while now - great to get a chance to contribute to his work!


New sounds...


Check the music section for some free downloads!


Valhalla DSP


I'm pleased to announce that I am an official endorser of Valhalla DSP plug-ins. They are simply unique and phenomenal sound-sculpting tools. And they are designed to be easy to see and use.

Working on some very trick new Cosmographie techniques to sync video with live music - come see the next show!


Music Commission


I'll be (de)composing a piece by Michael Bell for the Fermentation Fest on October 5. Dale and I will be putting it through the magic Cosmographie machine, so it should be something special!


Back from Europe.


Diving into my latest podcast series for UW Sea Grant; when that's done it's time to work on the next full-length!

Conference was a bit of a let-down but got to hang with Michael Ver Steegt in Amsterdam and Paris, and tag along with his latest act, Groundation. Nice and talented folks!


Successfully Defended!


Well, I now have a Doctorate in Philosophy in Environmental Studies... technically I still have to deposit the written and media work, which may take a little bit to format and all that, but the hardest part is done! Off to Paris to speak at:


Projets théoriques et pratiques pour une écoute du monde
Theoretical and practical projects for a listening of the world

I also got a glimpse of some of the video from the April show and it's quite good. Looks like we'll be pulling some videos from that so people can see what I've been up to. I'm working with Dale Kaminski to book some more shows around this cosmographical approach that everyone seems to enjoy this type of concert approach.

Come on, summer!


Earth Day Remix


Show went well - thanks to everyone who came out and helped!

Here's the set list and personnel:

Chris Bocast - guitar

Dale Kaminski (PAKAPAKA) - visuals

Matt Covert - saxophone

Mark Griffin - guitar


Set List – Earth Day April 12

Audio Mash 1                        Intake (music from Through the Airlock)

                                            Gaylord Nelson, Walter Cronkite, Barry Commoner (voices)

Song 1                                  To Cross the Sea of Clouds (music from Stratagem) - Chris

Solo 1                                   Unfolding

Nature 1                               Ocean and whales – Matt and Chris

Song 2                                 Song of the Dodo (music from Stratagem) – with Matt and Mark

Audio Mash 2                        Quantum Entanglement (music from Through the Airlock)

                                           Gaylord Nelson, Walter Cronkite, Barry Commoner, Paul Ehrlich (voices)

                                           Do Right (Mouse, produced by Mouse, written - P.Wood)

Solo 2                                  Compassionate Violence

Nature 2                               Wind and wolves

Audio Mash 3                        Golden Bells (Karma Moffett)

                                           Gaylord Nelson, Walter Cronkite, Barry Commoner (voices)

                                           Valentine (MetroGnome, produced by Mouse, written - P. Wood and G. T. Furgerson)

Solo 3                                  Wistful

Nature 3                               Rain and Thunder

Song 3                                  Coerenta Excentrica - (music from Stratagem) with Matt and Mark

Reading                                Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

Song 4                                 Caelestis Caravel (music from Stratagem) with Matt


Some pieces for download


Check the Listen section for some very recent work - my version of the To the Best of Our Knowledge theme - followed by an excerpt from the show it was used in, underscoring a reading of "The Seekers". Then there's another poem (it's Poetry Month here apparently) by novelist Marie Zhuikov about Lake Superior. I have been keeping busy with music, just haven't had much time to update websites. Still have to practice and that's way more fun than typing...


New EP is out!


Just in time for the movie release! Intrinsic is a homage to my musical roots - four pieces from four of my favorite classical composers. I'm especially pleased to present the lovely and talented Emily Blessing on acoustic piano accompanying my electric guitars in our rendition of Claude Debussy's "The Sunken Cathedral". January was subsumed by some major acoustic ecology research break-throughs, though I managed to wade through the usual production cataster-hassles with the EP and finish the tracking for Bill Shore's latest project - WAP.

I even took a few days off. Amazing.

Not sure how I'll go about marketing this one exactly, but it's a fine recording. The EP was mastered (once again!) by Jim Wilson and has a cover featuring collages by John Hundt (once again!) which folks are saying is the best one yet. And the others are pretty damn swell.

Anyway the EP is available at CD Baby, iTunes, and other places - let me know what you think!


Xmas mp3 download


Posted my version of "Silent Night" for the holidays. Getting the final details of printing sorted with the factory - EP should be available in January. Also posted an mp3 from another of the pieces I wrote for the Lake Superior soundtracks.


And now...


I am a bona fide author on music and the environment. I'm a bit proud of this one.


published in Organised Sound, volume 17, issue 03, pp. 240-247. Copyright Cambridge University Press.


EP art done - and a new mp3


John did some great collages that work with the EP; off to the replication plant momentarily. IN the meantime I've added a free download of one of the pieces I've composed for the Lake Superior podcast series I'm working on. Fans of "EVA" will probably enjoy the moody treated piano...

Also working on some tracks sent to me by Bill Shore, an old touring buddy. Wish I had a clone to help me work on all these projects!


EP's back!


Time to give it a listen - super-slammed with production work lately but as the movie's gotten U.S. theatrical release this EP will be out soon!

I'll be mixing up the last piece I was working on for the next full album before I was interrupted... as soon as I can... I did write a nice suite of piano pieces to accompany the Superior podcasts as well as a bunch of Americana stuff for a Divergent project that I'll probably farm out for licensing.

I will post some new pieces over the next few weeks; I've been doing quite a lot of music. I'll be working up a new show for April, use some of the elements that worked well in the Cosmography show...


Country Music Television?


Yes, it appears that some music from Airlock was used for some commercials for the CMT show "Angels Among Us" last fall...

The show is a celebration of a way of thinking about the world that I absolutely do not espouse, but it amuses me to think of my ambient music getting on Country Music Television anyway.

Sort makes it undeniable, to use their logic. ;)





Spent the last month working up production music for another audiobook I'm producing, which meant a lot of acoustic guitar playing and Americana style pieces. Not my usual arena, but it keeps my hands warmed up. Also worked up several pieces with Anna Slate, a young and very talented vocalist whom I'll be doing a few casual dates around town with.

Still waiting for the EP to get back from mastering, Jim's been swamped. When that project gets out the door I'll return to mixing out the last two pieces for a full Chris album, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Then I'll be working up a new live performance approach. I'm thinking of incorporating Ableton Live and video into a whole new methodology for ambient music shows, we'll see what happens...


Almost time to take a breath


OK - an EP is finished and off to mastering and I've finished guitar tracks for the "Clouds" piece. It will be seriously awe-inspiring but a devil to mix! More soon...


Vermont road trip


Took a break from production and acoustic ecology studies to lend some audio expertise for a television show being aired on the National Geographic channel. Good fun and a nice break from the usual.

Will be pushing up a new EP featuring "Ode to Joy" on iTunes soon, in order to have something out there for the film release!

Two songs left to go on SMG - promise!


Film placement!


It looks like my version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" will be used in the forthcoming film Finding Joy. Here's a link to the trailer:

Means I'll be releasing a new iTunes EP very soon with some similar classical pieces, as the film will be released in 2012.

WID show went well but a gas leak in a lab on the fourth floor cleared the building, and we had to push the show start back a half an hour. Probably the best show I've done for quite a while, with dancing by Koala Yip and Cool video mash-ups by Dale Kaminski, and it was woefully under-attended...

Maybe we'll do another show sometime, maybe.


Show coming up!


I think this show at the WID will be a good one - cool video and dance, a couple of tunes from Stratagem, some of the new guitar sounds I've been dialing in... looking forward to this one!

There's a new mix of "The Center Coheres" in the music downloads - had to pull up the original mix to get some backing tracks and went ahead and smacked a remix down. Enjoy!


free mp3 from Stratagem


Hey, I've posted an out-take from the Stratagem sessions as a free mp3 for a couple weeks since I've been taking so long to get the next album done... enjoy!


Recording away...


Emily and I have started a proper recording of Debussy's "Clouds" which will be used for the Shining Mountain collection. We did this work live several times and it is quite an interesting and needed update on this fabulous piece of music. I'm also recording some new guitar work as well.


Revisions coming along


Getting through the Shining revisions; I felt the first version I actually had Jim Wilson master was a bit too minimalist. Adding more guitar counter-melodies and extra sonic ear candy. Eight songs done - five to go. Have decided to record the version of Debussy's "Clouds" I worked up with Emily last year to include on the album as it fits well with the original material.

Will be re-packaging some of the classical work I had out on a Christmas release with some other new recordings as a download-only album soon. Feel free to request a particular composer if you think there's someone I should look into.

Am doing some serious study of 16th century counterpoint as well, with the intent of purposing the knowledge towards some new ambient guitar approaches. I may start pushing some of these onto Soundcloud as I progress...


Gigging with Lissa


Spent some time on stage and up in the hills with Lissa Hanner, performed some of the tunes of Mother's Fault. Finished some guitar for the MVS project and got some of the SMG polished as well. Back in Wisconsin soon...




Quite pleased to have finished the People of the Sturgeon audiobook project, and the publisher is very excited about it. Expect a release in the fall of 2012. Meanwhile, I'm about two-thirds through with the reworking of the SMG album, and am slowly working on the songs for the collaboration with Michael Ver Steegt. Taking some time in Colorado to get caught up and try out some different DAW approaches as I'm fed up with Pro Tools...


Grinding it out...


Hmmm... I find myself mixing audio sometimes 12 hours a day right now, and still can't find time to finish my own albums! The downside of producing for a living but it's something I can handle for now... I have made some progress with the next album, and I'm thinking of some novel and arty way to release it. I did get the King Crimson re-release of Discipline which has a DVD of 24-96 mixes and a rough mix by Rhett Davies as well. Perhaps I'll do something in this manner.

I'll take suggestions as well...




I have found that several tracks off my last few albums make unusual and pleasing ringtones. You can make them yourself for iPhones in Garage Band - just drag a track off the CD you purchased (!) into Garage Band's ringtone template and then export them into iTunes. I like to make them for the maximum 40 seconds, and it sure beats Crickets. Some of my favorites:

Intake, Quantum Entanglement, Miskatonic, Amarna, Stabat Mater (off SMG)

I'm still fussing with some SMG material but the delays are all work-related. I have 1000 things to produce and no clones to help me...


Back from Cornell


OK - Did an intensive sound analysis workshop at Cornell and contributed my first scientific recording to the Macauley Library. I will now be happily getting back to finishing the small issues I had with the Shining release and try to get that out before Christmas (why does everything take so long?)


New music!


As a celebration and a reward to my patient fans, for a short time I am adding a free download of a brand new piece by Debussy, performed by Emily Blessing and myself, that will be featured on the upcoming album, Deep. It was recorded this August at Morphy Hall at UW-Madison. Let me know how you like it!


Passed my qualifying exams!


Apologize for the lack of activity, but the demands of my acoustic ecology study consumed this past month. Happily I passed my exams at the Nelson Institute with flying colors, and to celebrate this I will be posting a free high quality download of one of my assignments tomorrow. Stay tuned!


(almost) too busy for words


A few things accomplished! The Graminy project went very well - the musicians played superbly, the music came out well, and it fits wonderfully with the People of the Sturgeon audiobook. That project is coming along slowly but surely, and the word back from the publishers on the initial chapters is: "Fabulous!"

Got the master of Shining back from Jim Wilson, who I was able to spend some time with out in Colorado last month. He did the usual swell job, but I have a few more things I'll need to touch up before it goes out... sigh...

I have the qualifying exams for my doctorate going on right now - a lot of writing but also some recording! I'll give more details after the 18th.

Hope you're having a great summer!


New article in InCommon


Quite good article has come out in the Spring 2011 issue of the Nelson's Institute's InCommon magazine. Here's the first page:


You can get the whole pdf at this link (the article is on pgs. 22-25):


Also producing a recording for Graminy as well as going full bore on a major audiobook project. Very busy!


June news


Finished up the Debussy run with Emily - good fun! Working on MVS material, and will be producing a group from Madison called Graminy next month as well. Looks like Jim Wilson will be mastering the next release once again, the long-threatened Shining Mountains collection will finally get a proper presentation.


Oh, and I bought a new bass for the MVS pieces!


Two shows this week!


Emily will be joining me at the Discovery Center show on Wednesday - the Debussy set is quite laid-back - and Friday's show has been definitely moved to Der Rathskeller. We will be performing right at 5 PM, not 7 PM as I have heard has been published in the Isthmus...

Using the new guitars and having a lot of fun!



March news


March has been very full of rehearsing Debussy for the Earth Day concert, as well as sending off the master mixes of Deep to Jim Wilson. Turns out there's a snafu regarding some of the samples from Vital Sounds used for the long oceanic piece, though. Plans for releases are on hold till I get out to SF in April. I'll confer with my old producing compadre Paul Vazquez on how to proceed. He already suggested a great order and choice of material for the Shining Mountain collection - which I still have to put out as well. Then again the new material (MVS and the concert stuff I'm working up with Emily) is sounding very good and my hand is pretty much back to a good playing standard, so there's definitely some choices to be made.

But those are good problems! If you look at the 'Buy' section you'll find that you can now use Paypal to buy CDs directly from the artist! (Paypal is still a middleman but they take out far less than anyone else). If you wish your music dollars to support future music creation, this is definitely the preferred and safe method!

Also United has added 'The Hidden Face of Eva' to their inflight music so listen for Catalin and I when you're in the air!


new rehearsal studio


is making things very pleasant for working up the Earth Day Concert material!


Productive January so far...


Wrapping an audio version of the mercury podcast for WRI; an audiobook for the Wisconsin Historical Society coming up; did a bunch of material with Michael Ver Steegt first week of Jan.; re-touching final mixes of "Deep" for mastering; looking forward to some more time to devote to developing some radio pieces for WPR (I had a brutal course load last semester but I did OK).

Going through some personal upheavals but the only way out is through...




Had a fun interview with Tom Sinclair from In Common magazine - a capital fellow! I'll post a free mp3 from my Christmas album for the holidays; I have a whole album of the m on iTunes.


Best for your holidays!






working through final tracking for the next solo album - recorded some double bass played by the amazingly talented Ben Willis this afternoon. Jim Wilson will do the mastering - going to San Francisco to work out art ideas with John Hundt this weekend!


What is acoustic ecology?

Overture Center show


Did an unusual gig with some authors (including Curt Meine) for the Wisconsin Book Festival here in Madison. Also have another podcast up on the UW iTunes University site in the Environment section:



First piece for WPR aired!

Lang Elliott


Had a great hour-long chat with this renowned nature sound recordist on Friday! Going in to WPR to do some voice work on Monday (yay!) and trying to solve a vexing computer noise question (not yay!). Bus-s-s-s-y...


Music and Nature


A big subject but that's where my Ph.D. research is heading! More coursework this fall at UW-Madison though...


Tokyo Vogue on Gossip Girl


Turns out "New Tomorrows" was used in a promo for the CW's hit show this spring:

Short but sweet!


Free Download for a Limited Time


I have put an mp3 rough mix of a cool new track from the MVS project up in the music section. Matt Covert plays some deadly horn on this one!

Working on podcasts and the next environmentally-themed album this month - lots to do!


Licensing - new projects


I'm happy to report that some of the music from Airlock has been licensed to various companies this year, so expect to hear it in some unusual places! I actually took a class in North American geography this month, but I'll be spending more time finishing a new solo CD which will reflect some of the environmental influences of my current studies... I'll keep the blog updated!


Chris music on NPR


The nationally-syndicated show To the Best of Our Knowledge used "The Dry Lake" as background on this episode. It's about the resurging interest in psychedelic experience - very interesting, with actual interview audio with Aldous Huxley!


new music


Have two of three epic tracks finished for my next solo album now; working on some material from MVS (finally); and have published the first podcast in the series. It's up on iTunes U - go to University of Wisconsin-Madison and you'll find "Water, Wisconsin, and the Mercury Cycle" under Environment and Life Sciences.

Nagging problems with my hands continue to hamper my productivity unfortunately...


iTunes University


I have been quietly working on a podcast album for iTunes for the last month or two and should have some episodes coming online soon. I'm excited as this gives me a chance to combine my interests in science with my skills in music and audio, while dabbling in what is perhaps the most exciting field in audio production right now. There seems to be a bit of a radio featurette renaissance going on, thanks to things like Public Radio Exchange ( I'll be adding links and everything as the podcasts debut so keep tuned!

Also done with school for spring so I'm looking forward to getting some long-delayed music projects finished - lots to do!


Earth Day Concert was a success!


Full house and a flawless performance - great concert atmosphere. I may incorporate some elements into the next Chris CD - meanwhile some other folks are making noises about putting the piece out. We'll see!

Looking forward to working with the MVS material as soon as the semester ends!


Earth Day concert tomorrow!


Here's the link:


Emily and I went into the hall today and did a great rehearsal - sounded swell!

Hope everyone nearby makes it for this one!


Getting a lot of play...


My BMI statement came in, and I was pleasantly surprised to see nearly 200,000 plays of my music in the third quarter of 2009. I have been rehearsing hard for the concert and then I just might buy a new electric guitar for 2010!


back from St. Louis


Rehearsing and finishing projects before I jump into any more commitments is the motto for 2010! Way too busy...


New year is moving fast!


Been posting on the blog for day-to-day stuff. I have posted the remix I did for Matt Labarge (check out his latest October) and finally took the Christmas tunes down. Working on finishing the second Emerson audiobook collection and getting the sound collage/performance for Earth Day together. It will be at the Overture Center and I have enlisted a pianist, Emily Blessing, to help me perform it! Also licensed some piano music in Europe while Stratagem is getting played on Paul Headon's ambient show Sirius FM in Australia - sweet!


Still crazy!

Made time to post a couple Christmas favorites - there's more on iTunes if you just can't get enough... Um, working on frog sounds for my installation; have more recording work transmogrifying Beethoven and other classics for Vital Sounds as soon as I finish the University chores; a few holiday gigs; flew to S.F. to meet Kitaro for a possible tour - that's unlikely but I made friends with him and played his giant taiko drums; expecting tracks from Catalin soon for our next collaboration; expecting tracks from MVS soon for our next collaboration; need to write a stunning composition for the gala concert for the Earth Day celebration on April 20-21 (lots of famous speakers); and I need to get this contemplative album out as well - John's already going nuts on the artwork. My hand still hurts constantly but I can play with few restraints thanks to the ministrations of Mary Hooper over the last year. And I want a new acoustic guitar for Christmas. Is that enough for now?

December Stretch!

Lots of things happening that deserve more comment, but for now folks may want to vote in the Best of 2009 Echoes Poll for "Stratagem" - you can win an iPod Nano! I'll see if I can get a new Christmas song done soon!

On the move...

Heading to San Francisco this weekend to meet with a major figure in visionary music... and have some fresh crab with John and Rachel! Michael Bell and I delivered a fabulous 6-minute soundtrack trailer to a director who shall go unnamed; he snubbed it and went with his "version". I watched and cringed at the festival while the soundtrack he used emitted a loud and continuous buzz; after several minutes of torturous noise it eventually died, shortly before the picture crashed as well. A rare bit of karmic justice... As I had to take a break to brush up my guitar-slinger chops, the sound installation has been pushed into December. This is only the first step in many though, so I am happy to be patient. I have also been accepted to do a sonic art/acoustic ecology presentation in Finland next summer. More news soon!

November is chill...

Some very interesting things in the wind at the moment, but the big news is that, due to popular demand, I will be doing a second printing of "Through the Airlock" this winter. I must thank XM Sirius and Pandora for their continued support of my music and, of course, all the fans and listeners who have bought the album. Best to all! Look for an interesting sound installation in Madison this month! More soon...

Buzzing October!

OK - I admit I was quite surprised to make Echoes' listener poll Top 200 list of the past 20 years, and to make it into the top 100 really made my month! This list reflects the work of the most consummate musicians and recording artists in the field and I'm proud that Stratagem is included among them. Here's the link: Had a good solo show out in Cross Plains; I'd been sick all week and it was a challenge at times, but the audience was both very supportive and interested. Was able to spend a little time with John Loose out in San Francisco as well as Michael Ver Steegt. Should start on some new Bocast/Catalin material this winter too. No rest for the weary...

Echoes interview - recording update

More interesting news - In the music section I've posted an mp3 of the interview broadcast on Echoes September 29 - it touches on some of the influences that have informed my work and some of the bands I've played with. Let me know what you think in the guestbook. Revised recording plans now point towards a significant solo release in spring centered on some extended meditative tracks, the first of a three-part series of works I'm envisioning, possibly based around field recordings. Heading to San Francisco this week to meet with John Hundt to discuss a possible print run for some of the outstanding artwork he's made for my albums. Hope to see some old friends while I'm there!

October update!

A lot of news this month: Michael Franti and Spearhead came through Madison Sept. 27 so I got a chance to hang with Michael Ver Steegt and the gang. Jammed with Dave Shul, MVS, and sundry during soundcheck. They have a single in the Top 40 "Say Hey (I Love You)" so they are working very hard. I'm tremendously pleased for them, even though it has pushed the recording project with Michael back a year... ...which might be fortuitous as an interesting soundtrack project has come up dealing with human/elephant interactions in Kenya. This might take a year! Stratagem was No. 13 on the Echoes playlist for September which means it has stayed in the Top 20 for three months running (No. 1 in August!) on what may arguably be the best ambient radio program in syndication. A ten-minute interview was broadcast on Echoes on September 29 which I will post here later this month. Along with the 130 or so stations that carry Echoes, Stratagem was added to playlists for Montana Public radio (MTPR), Boston College's WZBC, and Renee Blanche's famous Night Tides program broadcasting from Kansas City. Please request Stratagem from your favorite local radio station! A couple performances coming up this month - one at a banquet this week at University of Wisconsin's Great Hall for the Association for Environmental Studies and Science where I will be furthering my advocacy for acoustic ecology, as well as a show at the Crossroads later in the month. I will be revamping my live solo show over the next year, which leads to the last, but far from least, entry for this bulletin. I am now an official endorser of Monte Allums specialty electronics! I have converted my Boss CS-3 to something amazing using his simple-to-install and totally kick-ass mods. If you want to separate yourself from the pack, but can't deny the durability and functionality of your old pedals, you owe it to yourself to check out Monte's mods! Go to and see for yourself. Enough for now - I have to practice. See ya in San Francisco Oct. 14!

Stratagem Number One!!

We topped the playlist chart at Echoes in August - thanks go out to John Diliberto and crew for the early endorsement of our first collaboration!


OK - made it out to Colorado this month, actually jammed a little bit at the Braindance up in the high country. Had a great time eating Greek food and talking music with Jessica Steinhoff, a local journalist here in Madison. Here's the article that came of it: Heading out for a brief tour of Wisconsin with the E&R people this weekend; they asked me to bring a guitar... Have confirmed recording dates in San Francisco in October to lay groundwork for the next significant release, this one with Michael Ver Steegt. More soon!

More reviews!

Busy month here!

Stratagem Week on Echoes

Check your local NPR station to see if they carry Echoes on the weekend. This weekend's show features Stratagem! Some stations, like KRCC in Colorado Springs and KUT in Austin, feature Echoes on their HD broadcast, which goes out over cable TV. Check the review on Echoes and look for a station in your area: And please, please, please request Stratagem at your local public radio or college station. My albums are now available on the ground in Madison at Strictly Discs on Monroe Street and B-Side Records on State Street. Support your local! A special thanks to everyone for all their encouragement, Chris

Podcast mini-review!

Here's a quickie from Echoes online Stratagem is #7 in Echoes Top 25 for July!

CD of the Month on Echoes!

Fantastic news this month! Stratagem has been selected by Echoes to be their CD of the Month in August. Echoes is a highly respected and widely distributed radio show, and a personal favorite of mine as well, so this is tremendously exciting and satisfying. I did an interesting interview with John Diliberto about the recording of the album as well as some of my musical history. One thing that came up was one of my first ambient releases with Temporary Temple, "Strandlooper". In the spirit of things, I have re-edited and re-mastered the original track and will keep it posted through August. I've been working on several music licensing deals with Stratagem and Airlock as well, so I have been quite busy! I'm hoping to finish the Vital Sounds project this week - it turned into two giant 30-minute epics (more on this later)! More soon!

Fly July

A lot of news this month! The lead story is I will be entering a Ph.D. program at the Nelson Institute at the University of Wisconsin in the fall studying environmental music and acoustic ecology. Initially, I have been looking at some of the work of Barry Blesser who has advanced the idea of "aural architecture" into interdisciplinary studies. Blesser was one of the inventors of the Lexicon reverb (where would ambient music be without digital reverbs?) as well as a scholar at MIT. This endeavor should lead to a published book eventually, some cool performances, and me finally being able to read some of those interesting books I've been collecting. I've also secured a deal for myself and Catalin with a music production library out in Hollywood, so you may be hearing snippets of Stratagem and Airlock on the History Channel in a few months. I've been busy making two-minute edits of all our music. Finally I've been contacted by the program director of a major ambient radio show who loves Stratagem and wants to schedule an interview. More on this soon! Going into rotation this month from Stratagem will be "Coerenta Excentrica" and "Nocturne". For fun I will add a free download of the Tokyo Vogue classic "July" as it is indeed... July.

June swoon

Tracks 3 and 4 from "Stratagem" go into rotation on the Flash player in June. Finished the VItal Sounds CD (we'll see how they like it!) and did a re-mix for pianist Matt Labarge as well. The next solo album "To Shining Mountains Gone" is awaiting artwork and should be out soon. Also hope to begin working on some brand-new stuff with MJC. Saw The Killers in Milwaukee, great show! Also in the music section there are two short clips that feature Larisa giving correct Romanian pronunciations of the song titles from Stratagem that are in that language.

May daze

lots of stuff happening right now... Stratagem's out - first official sale went to a female fan in France and first official airplay was noted on Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco. I'm very pleased with the work and it is going around to all the tastemakers and radio programs that matter - we'll see what the world thinks! Stratagem had only just arrived when I was wined and dined by Vital Sounds, who have commissioned me for a new album. They do sonic therapy and wanted some music with natural sounds they had licensed. The beta version I've worked up is quite fun, a 30 minute epic! Did a live show for the first time in Madison out in Cross Plains. My left hand is still not quite right, but it's well enough to play out again at least. I've been reviewing Bach and the Baroque, in conjunction with a music history class I'll be teaching this summer, so I've been immersed in the classical spectrum as well. There are some developments for fall already taking place, I'll have more in a bit... Anyway, each month this year I will stream a couple songs from Stratagem on the site as well as having the occasional download, so folks can check out the music for themselves. You can pick up the cd at Amazon, CDBaby, and iTunes if it strikes your fancy. Have a good summer! cb

Stratagem is here!

Distribution is being established as we speak. If you just can't wait, contact me directly to mail-order the CD. It looks and sounds awesome!

New music

Due to serious disruptions, I have been unable to post music recently. I will try to make amends for that this spring. This month I have added an old fave that's slightly lo-fi, but has a distinct atmosphere: "Moonglow". I don't believe I've put it up before - that's Michael VS on synth...

New shows added!

Booked some performances in the WI area in anticipation of promoting "Stratagem". Working up a new show, will include some classical, some ambient, perhaps some favorite 60's covers. Will post some new mp3s if I ever get back into my studio...

February 2009

OK - Stratagem is off to the factory to be pressed! It will belong to the ages now. When I finally get back into my studio (March 5 is what I'm hearing) I can begin a final structure on my next solo album, which will be a collection of some of my favorite pieces recorded in Colorado. It will be titled "To Shining Mountains Gone" and will feature some live stuff, some rarities, and some piano pieces, including "The 19th Century" which is a sister track to "EVA" from Airlock - recorded same time, roughly the same way. After this I will be switching to Apple's Logic and refining a live show to promote Stratagem. Most of my gear came through the disaster OK, surprisingly, and the Moog is fine. I'm considering a possible mini-tour to Austin and back in late May/early June as well. Hope everyone had a good Valentine's. We did! Went to see the Crue! Motley that is... I have a soft spot for Mick Mars as he has the same damn crippling spine disease that I have (AS). Mick did an awesome noise solo and then busted into "Little Wing" note for note. Watching him stagger off stage reminded me of myself on challenging mornings... More soon!

John Hundt Show

John has a show running in San Francisco right now - if you've ever been curious about the person behind the art on 'Airlock' and the up-coming release 'Stratagem', here's a link: Sorry for no new mp3s but the studio is in pieces and we're still not back in our house. I am focusing on filling out the forms and getting the album pressed right now. Wish me luck and luck to you in the new year! c

The new master...

is great!!! Thanks Jim!!

Master and Disaster

The new master finally arrived on New Year's Eve - thanks, Jim! However, massive water damage at our house has thrown a major monkey wrench into everything. A lot of my gear was soaked so I'll have to let it all dry... Hope to back in shape by the end of the month...

December chills...

Brrr.... saw a great film at the Sundance Cinema last night. Though the title leaves a little something to be desired, "Let the Right One In" is a Swedish tween vampire movie that has one of the best soundtracks I've heard for a while. Not particularly a musical one at all, it succeeds in making you feel you are there. Anyway, see it and you will understand - highly entertaining! I've posted some free Christmas mp3s as usual. If you want more, you can download them all at Amazon mp3. Still waiting for the final, final master of Stratagem and it's off to the factory. As for me, we'll be off to Florida, taking a break from winter. Best in the New Year! CB

Post-Thanksgiving note!

Our turkey was perfect! Big news is that the Christmas album (now formally titled "Gloria in Excelsis Deo") is now commercially available at mp3 and Rhapsody in download form. The iTunes version should come online soon as well. If you'd really prefer a CD you can still order it by mail of course. I'll go ahead and post a Christmas song up every week so come back soon! CB

mid-November news

OK - met and had a nice chat with Gregory Taylor, who was nice enough to feature "Upwelling" on his radio show RTQE on WORT-FM here in Madison. We had connects going back to the Opcode thread... MVS and the Spearhead crew came through and played at the Barrymore. He's using a KAOS pad at the board now and some other fun stuff. Dave, Carl, MVS, Hallie and I all went to yummy sushi! Also this year's Christmas CD is ready! Mail order for now, unless I run into you. Reason's greetings and brine that turkey!

November news

Let's see... we're remixing one song from the new album so that's been delayed, but it'll be worth it. Hung out with some of the guys from Smart Studios, listening to Clyde Stubblefield at Cafe Montmartre. He's James Brown's drummer, probably the most sampled drummer in the world. Will post a couple new things - one is a track I had that I did some spectral analysis processing to - quite cool. Another is the theme music for a new audiobook I'm finishing on Emerson and is a completely scored piece. Been talking to MVS about scoring the new work at least half and half. He and Dave Shul should be here with Spearhead next week. It has been unseasonably warm in Wisconsin and that has been very, very good. c

October update

This month I've posted some music from the session in May Michael and I did; some technical issues with mastering have delayed the new release but we're working through them. Hope to have all the details sorted out soon, but it's a process...

Going through the Vault

Been sorting through a lot of solo and MVS tracks (old and new). Quite a lot of material actually! I'll be doing a best-of release of solo music and a proper album w/Michael is planned as well. I'll post bits of the best over the next couple months, and then it will be all new tracks for a while. Actually trying to wipe the slate clean and spend some serious time designing new tones and maybe getting some new guitar/amp combo.

August by the lake

OK, made it to Madison and am re-assembling the studio on the shores of Lake Mendota... Had some technical issues with the mastering so it's on hold till Jim gets back from England and I'm back up and running. The work is excellent - I cranked it in the truck coming out. Also on deck will be a live album full of Colorado stuff (solo) that I think will be limited edition - download only; then the Michael Ver Steegt collaboration (MVS has been doing so much world travel lately - I'm quite jealous); and finally I will get my Christmas album out commercially this year. So I have a full plate recording-wise through the end of the year... CB

Hot July...

OK, album's ready, last song done, we have a title, mastering on Thursday... Then it's off to Madison, Wisconsin, where the girl will be going to grad school. My left hand, which was giving me so much trouble, has regained its flexibility, so I'll be playing out more, I hope. Be interesting to be in a new place... Cheers, CB

June news

Saw WALL-E last night - great film, Pixar has really advanced the animation medium again. Was pleased to see the lead (female?) robot was nicknamed Eva by Wall-e; my song EVA was named for ExtraVehicularActivity i.e. the NASA term for spacewalking and the two robots do a great bit of EVA themselves... Have booked Airshow in Boulder for mastering, with Jim Wilson at the dials again. Finishing a final add-on for the album and still searching for a title (!) . The art looks fantastic and is by John Hundt again... Am thinking of putting out a limited edition, download-only live album soon, as well as getting my Christmas album on iTunes, finally. Heading to the land o' lakes! cb

Live show went well...

Surprisingly good response from the Coffee Exchange show, no live recording though. Been mixing in straight-up classical pieces with the full-tilt ambient... Have finished the mixes and gotten the go ahead from Romania for the new CD. We're going to add one more piece (just for you XM Audiovisions!) and then mastering w/Jim Wilson. Looks like we're moving to Madison WI in August so I'll be putting together a new live show and maybe scout for an act to perform with as well. Keep cool, CB

MVS tracks...

We knocked out several pieces while MVS was here, including two 20 minute epics! Reviewed previous material, reviewed the new MJC work as well (Michael had a couple key suggestions), even got out to Cripple Creek and won a few bucks! Have about a half-dozen details to address with the MJC work but it's on the final lap; really leaning towards Jim Wilson at Airshow for mastering (he did Airlock). Thanks for the nice comments from students as well - I've been teaching some music classes lately so I've been going crazy...

New Show - June 1!

My hand's feeling well enough to perform, though still not fully healed unfortunately. (The docs say it's carpal tunnel.) I'll be at the Coffee Exchange on June 1 bringing down the ambience... I've settled on a final line-up of songs and mixes for the new MJC/CB album. Trying to decide on a mastering facility now but a new Chris CD is definitely on its way! We've already licensed a track off the new CD for a promo video for COPPer, a local arts organization. Check for a sneak preview... Also the illustrious Michael Ver Steegt is coming out next weekend for some fun, relaxation, and tracking for another collaboration CD. May have to buy a new Lexicon for the occasion! best CB

Final mixes

Spring break! About halfway through final mixes for the MJC project. I have to say some of the music is quite heavy! Screaming ambient! As soon as that's done, I have a cd to do with Michael Ver Steegt that will be deeply chilled... he's been posting snippets at his myspace page if you wish to investigate. Get some sun! CB

Marching on...

Horrendous busy with classes, but have finished all the tracks for the work with MJC. Now to production mode! I apologize for no new music recently. I've put up a freebie from the Moonglow era which I've never put out, "Thus", which has a lot of low-key white noise. Give it a spin! More soon, CB

Quick note!

Have a tentative release date for the new CD with MJCatalin now; if all goes well we could have it out in April. As the work is cohering and I listen to the tracks, I am genuinely surprised and thrilled at the strength of the music. John Hundt is devising a new cover to follow up on the genius of his Airlock work. It's overdue, I know, but I had a lot of production work in the last couple years! Speaking of, The Confessions, the Ascendant production featuring Adam Dudley, has been the best-seller of the stable of audiobooks I produced; another production with Adam would be great fun and is likely. I have also applied to a few select schools for some advanced studies, so look for some news in that department soon as well. It's been gruesome cold up here in the mountains lately...

Busy as a bee!

Spent two weeks in Florida over the holidays - now I have a murderous work load: finish the MJCatalin album while teaching 6 classes. I'll sleep when I'm dead - holding off on live shows till the new CD is done. Posted a couple favorites from last year for download - can't wait to get the new music out!!

Christmas mp3s!!!

Been unspeakably busy, but I have paused to post some Christmas favorites. End of semester, re-taking the GRE, blah-blah... Understand "Airlock" has enjoyed some national airplay in Russia as well. Prevyet, my Eastern friends! Taking a little time off in Florida again this holiday season. I'll be settling on a final selection of pieces for the Bocast/Catalin project. I know, we need a moniker. Left hand is better; I'm playing classical again but still not 100% - have to get some therapy (sigh - next year will be better health-wise). Holiday best to all!

OK, OK!!!

I'll put the Seventh Chamber and the Commonwheel on the next solo album - downloads of these live tracks from this summer were off the chart! This surprises me as I had a severe strain on my left hand (it's still not healed) and could only really use one finger effectively... All new downloads in the music section, including the first of some Christmas stuff. Found a small treasure trove of tracks, some with Michael ver Steegt playing keys/samples, from around 2003. We've been sending some music back and forth - check out "The 19th Century". This track will definitely make it to commercial release soon! More Christmas music and other goodies soon!

Oh yes - new solo stuff!

On the Chris album front, I've enough material for a MJCatalin collaboration (we may do a track or two more) - I've been slowly fine-tuning the mixes and I'm very pleased... On the solo piano front, after careful listening I've had to pass on the sessions from this summer. The clicking high 'D' key on the Steinway at Rigel was just unacceptable. Happily the piano tracks from last year have shown true character, and an initial experiment of combining them with some of the exceedingly popular live tracks from this summer, along with some favorite odds and ends, have turned out quite listenable and may turn into a release early next year as well. So two new albums almost done - but wait! I recalled that in summer 2003 (2,4,?) my good friend Michael Ver Steegt dropped by for an extended visit and we did some recordings. I later organized these into an album, titled it "Moonglow", sent him a copy and promptly forgot it existed, what with all the production work of the next few years. Well, I found my copy today and a lot of it is quite good, with a few outstanding tracks. I shall be posting a few of them regularly over the next few months. More soon; I am applying to some compositional programs at a few different universities and must get my apps done.

Link for the new album!

You can get Lissa's album on Amazon now (go to Links) and CDBaby and itunes soon! Been sorting through music - I will try to bring out in the next few months a piano album, a Christmas album, and the new solo album with MJC (I know - we need some cool name for the duo). I could even cull a live album together of more ambient guitar if people liked... Also Dave Shul of Michael Franti & Spearhead has contributed some guitar for the new album. I'll have to do some ebow for Spearhead now! The news for now - CB

Some Lissa music!

I've posted a couple songs from Lissa's album for listening - let me know what you think! No live shows planned for several weeks to rest my hand, but I have three or four albums worth of material to sort through and mix so I'll be busy! CB

Lissa's album is here!!

The CDs are back from the factory!! I'm listening to a copy as I write this, and I think it is wonderful, I really do. :) My system won't go loud enough... Sept 3 was recorded live - the show was a challenge due to a hand injury but I hope to have a mp3 of highlights soon. Going in for back surgery tomorrow - wish me luck!!

More Music!

I've added another piano piece to the music section. John Hundt is busy working on the cover for the new album; we went rafting while he was visiting and I fell in the Arkansas River. My hand is still numb from holding on to the side of the raft as tightly as I could - oh, no! Thinking of bringing out a piano album this year as well...

Big News!

Lissa's album "It's My Mother's Fault" is now at the factory getting pressed! It should be available by the end of the month. The work has some fantastic songs and performances, I'm very pleased wih it, and I have high hopes that it will prove to be very successful for her!

I have been added to this Internet radio station - CHECK IT OUT! Put in a song you like and it plays more like it - it really works well (sorry, lastfm). I've found some artists I really like: Tim Hecker, Umami, Dwight Ashley's solo stuff. Please visit and listen to me, and other artists mining the same sonic veins...

New Show added

I'll be playing classical guitar at the Sunny Vista Living Center's 4th Annual Art Exhibit July 27 - good music for a good cause... Also I'm considering doing a release of mainly piano tracks, since people seem to like them. I have a number of good, albeit a little spooky ones from a session I did in late 2005, and I'll be doing another run in the next week. When I record the piano, I mike up a grand and set up ambience effects, so it's a bit of a process. I'll post an mp3 of one of the tracks for the next couple weeks - if you like it let me know!

Live Track/Audiobooks

A lot of live work last month, plus a creeping mass of publishing details with Ascendant...however, there's a new live track in the download section, as well as a link to the audiobooks that include the music I've featured here before. Michael Franti and Spearhead sold out Red Rocks - that was a great show, thanks MVS!


The show at Smokebrush went quite well - seemed all the notables from Co Spgs were there - Darren played well and we threw in some techno loops for fun. Also have a recording of the Arts Festival show so I may put a bit of that up on the web if it came out OK. Busy month!

hey June!'s still really cold up here...shows went OK, reprised the Dry Lake for someone who was fascinated by the ebow. This month's new free download is the theme from Ascendant's Practical Mysticism audiobook, entitled "The Practical Mystic". Look for more soon! Cheers, Chris

May news...

Summer's coming so it's time to play out a bit - 2 performances on June 3rd to benefit the local Philharmonic downtown in Colorado Springs. 3 PM at The Metropolitain (a fave restaurant of mine) and then another 6 PM slot at the Coffee Exchange. Continue to slowly finish pieces off with MJ Catalin - finished "The Hidden Face of Eva" and have a few more now.

April Snow

Finished a rough on yet another track with MJC; this one has samples he took from "EVA" mixed with some awesome drumming and synth parts - I added a flurry of guitars and it sounds epic...ought to have enough material to start forming a proper CD soon. Hung out with Patti Griffin and some friends from Austin (yo, Pat!) up in Boulder when they came through on tour - they have a great guitarist! Gotta run, CB

March update

Crazy couple of months...mastered in Nashville and raised some hell with Tony and Lissa - not really satisfied with the results so we went and mastered with Mark DB in Denver. Again, sounds good but we're not convinced we have the final final, so we'll probably master one more time...yes, we're that finicky and yes, it makes a big difference. The album design is done and is amazing. Have done a few more tracks with MJC; that's going a little slower than planned due to my teaching humanities and incidentally diving into a serious study of ancient Greek music (what we know of it). Amazed the Greeks invented the hydraulic organ 2200 years ago... We have the physical product for several Ascendant audiobooks now; however due to cost we'll have to assemble them ourselves - a hassle but it'll be worth it. Will try to get a new track up on the site this week... It's warming up a little (but it's snowing today)! CB

February News

Did a final mix on Lissa's CD "It's My Mother's Fault" at Derryberry and it's off to Nashville to master Feb 9! We'll be meeting up with Tony Brock and having fun! Finally took the Christmas downloads off the site - the Bach piece was very popular and I hope everyone enjoyed them. The music section will be minimal for a bit while I do some technical re-processing; there's a lot of new stuff on the burner so check back often. Finishing a bunch of wild guitar sound material to send to Romania today... It's still really cold in Woodland Park!!! Have fun, CB

It's a New Year!

After being trapped in the studio for the last two years, I've taken on a couple classes to get out of the house. Time-consuming but good fun, good students! Have finished a few tracks now with MJCatalin and they are outstanding - looks like this could be the next CD!! Hard copies of the audiobooks are coming out as well, and Greg Carr (package designer) is also going to be doing Lissa's cover. Looks like we may master in Nashville, finally! Oh yeah - we have A LOT of snow! Cheers, Chris

New music for Christmas!

Here we go - a couple old favorites, the Tchaikovsky piece has a better bass/guitar, and brand-new is a Bach piece I've been wanting to do for awhile. As a child I was enthralled by Wendy Carlos' "Switched on Bach", so I pulled the Moog out, got the score to "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", and went to town. Ended up using a guitar/ebow combo for the choral parts - they came out sounding very 70s Brian May-ish. A little different from my usual but fun! Happy Holidays to everyone and best wishes for the New Year! Chris P.S. all the Ascendant audiobooks are out on and we're printing CDs as you read this.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope all is well with everyone! Been working on more tracks with MJCatalin - trying to get CD versions of the audiobooks finished for Ascendant... Back to the studio! CB

Exciting new re-mix

Big news of the month is a new musical collaboration I've undertaken with the amazing MJCatalin, a crafty percussionist operating out of Romania. Check the music section for a re-mix of the "Far Fleet" track off 'Airlock' and let me know what you think! I'm working on a couple other mixes MJC has sent me as well...stay posted for updates - I'm rather enthused, myself ;) The big album should drop in February (I know, I wanted it done by Christmas too, but Lissa's still putting some vocal touches here and there and they're all great - it'll be worth the wait). More soon, CB

New review of Airlock

Respected space-music critic Bill Binkelman gives his take on "Through the Airlock"! Thank you Bill!

New Music!

here's some tracks from Tokyo Vogue and Temporary Temple - should have some brand-new stuff soon! cb

October update - lots of downloads!

Thanks for all the online attention, especially the Aussies from ultima thule and the Italians from Milan. ;) I've had more downloads this month than ever! As always, if you hear something you really like, let me know in the guestbook, and pick up a couple through itunes or emusic so I can keep making them. I'll try to put up a couple new things this weekend. Michael Ver Steegt dropped by the house last weekend (had a day off from the Spearhead tour). Played a little music, had a good time. He missed the bear that has been hanging out by the tree in the backyard all week though! Putting some final touches on the Lissa album, and will be producing another acoustic album for her and her brother Chuck. More updates soon!


Latest solo shows went well - finally broke down and am using an actual looping device, rather than layering all the notes. It enables me to play accelerated passages and more melody over-all, so it's a good thing. Very thoughtful review from Dene Bebbington this month - if you're looking for an intelligent guide to the ambient/space genre go to, Dene's site. Several albums are reviewed in-depth every month. ALSO: Musicians - record the serial numbers of your gear!!! I had a power amp stolen and pawned this month and was able to recover it as I had the serial numbers! Write those ID numbers down! Thanks CSPD!!

Lissa's album is almost finished!

Spent the last three days in Denver at Derryberry Audio putting some final touches on the album I've been producing for the last year. Hard work, great fun, and the music sounds better than I could believe - solid songs, a lot of innovative slide work (from yours truly), great vocals. In October I will probably start work on finishing the Christmas record, and then my long-deferred next solo album will be next!! Live performance tonight - gotta go!

New Music for August

It's been an emerald summer here in the mountains - it's quite literally rained every music this month includes a new ambient scored piece (I usually just design a cool sound space and see what happens, but it's fun to write traditionally sometimes), and a melancholy number from Tokyo Vogue, as summer's almost over. Working up a new solo show to debut this fall. Lissa's album is just about done - going into Derryberry studios to wrap it up early September. Don't want to give anything away, but we do a version of a Joni Mitchell tune that is just awesome - some of the best slide playing I've done, for sure...

New Spearhead album!

Was up in Boulder August 2 to see Michael Franti and Spearhead. If you haven't seen them in concert, you must - they have a great live show and really good songs! Of course my good friend Michael Ver Steegt has been their FOH person for many years, so you can be assured it will sound fabulous! Their new album Yell Fire is about to crack the Billboard 100 so pick up a copy so MVS can get a Grammy!

Artist John Hundt has new web site!

Surf over to to see some great new art!

New Music for July

Hey downloaders...this month's track is from work I did with Temporary Temple, a long-ish track that features a repeating sample I manipulated off a song from some prog rock heavies that shall remain nameless...a free Tokyo Vogue album to anyone who can name the song (good luck - it's very much changed)...

Radio play pays off!

Received some nice checks from BMI and Sound Exchange - thanks to all the stations (especially XM Radio) and Internet (Rhapsody and AOL in particular) which have been playing my music. Lissa's album is almost done - it's taken a while but it's going to be a monster, some great songs and a lot of slide work from yours truly. I realized I'm on track to produce 10 albums (mostly multi-CD audiobooks) this vacations are planned :) !!! Also thanks for the people who post reviews of the downloads in the guestbook - it's great to hear what people like... cb

June 11 performance re-cap

The live show went well; there were many sources of ambient noise besides ourselves contributing - a ton of wind noise (not surprising for Colorado summer afternoons), motorcycles, and, in what I'm told was the pinnacle of the show, the train passing by behind us. (Darren and I heard most everything, but neither of us heard the train curiously...) Have decided to update my guitar gear for the next record...should I include any of the short pieces I've been uploading onto the site? The approach for those is very much pen and paper scoring as opposed to the free composition of most of Airlock, though the results are the same. There've been a LOT of downloads of "Starfall" and "Storming Heaven", should those be included as well? Let me know...

New Music for June!!

Check out the new downloads in the music section - two are works done for Ascendant Audio, and one is a classic Tokyo Vogue track. I have a few performances as well scheduled this summer so check the calendar too. If you enjoy the free downloads, please let me know through the guestbook and, if you can, download one or two from itunes so I can keep making them. Itunes has the full version of EVA (nine minutes long and wonderful). The full version of Upwelling is 12 minutes long and is only available on the Airlock album (it's the secret track, don't tell anyone!) Have a good summer!

next release

it looks like the next record may actually be the long-promised official release of the Christmas album I have been slowly building on for the last few years. It may be released in conjunction with an audiobook from Ascendant Audio. Stay tuned...

New Photos

Now in the photo gallery, brand new photos by Russell Parks and some historical career highlights!!

New Music for April

Starfall is the new piece for download this month, features electric 12-string, guitar synth, bass, and some piano from Bryant Jones. New photos coming soon!

Artist John Hundt in SF Gallery

The man responsible for Airlock's wonderful cover art is having a one-man show at the exclusive Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco. I flew out for the opening and was very impressed (got a chance to take in the new De Young museum as well - good art fix). See for yourself at! Also have some new solo shows booked for this summer - check the calendar!

More Radio Play

Just a shout to say thanks to Kitty and Creek at Iridium Radio (KZYX & Z - Mendocino, CA) and Scott Raymond's Secret Music (WVKR - upstate NY - Top 20 picks for 12/05) for adding "Airlock" to their playlists. To reference Dave O's (Brack) post, of the tracks on "Airlock", track 4 (Radiant) is Moog synth, "EVA" is, of course, processed Steinway piano, and Track 11 (Far Fleet) is piano, moog, and guitar. All the rest are solo electric guitar except tracks 5 and 12 which have two guitar tracks. Also, thanks to all the people (I see you Netherlands!) who are downloading "Storming Heaven" - should it be included on the next album? Props to the folks who're downloading the whole album on itunes as well. Cheers, Chris

New Music for March

Look in the music section for a short re-working of a classic piece from the 16th century composer Palestrina. I've been doing quite a bit of traditional composition work for the audiobooks company, of which this is an example. Going back into the studio with Lissa to record four more basic tracks on the 19th; only a few vocal tracks left to do on the other songs so we're planning on mastering and having the work out in June.

Ringtones Available Now!

Ringtones with the intros of 'Intake', 'EVA', and 'Miskatonic' are downloadable at, if you've been dying to have your cell-phone go ambient...also fleshing out personnel and approaches to the new album; it promises to be somewhat less minimal and have a few guest stars. More on this soon!

New Piano Upload

Since people seem to really enjoy the deep-space piano work of 'EVA' (which stands for extra-vehicular activity, a NASA term, though I did have a very fetching girlfriend named Eva long ago) - I have uploaded another piano track, 'Storming Heaven'. This piece has a brooding atmospheric tone that should be quite pleasing, and it's only available on this website! If you like any of these downloads, be sure and let me know in the guestbook, and go to itunes if you need more!

Happy New Year!

Thanks everyone who downloaded or bought a Christmas CD (there were over 600 downloads at alone!) Working on a new live solo show, as well as the new solo recording.

Airlock is Pick of the Year

Just found out that 'Through the Airlock' has made Eric Mystic's (KKUP Cupertino) Pick of the Year list! Along with Star's End naming 'Airlock' a Significant Release in October, these are some resounding endorsements from some very respected voices in the space/ambient broadcast community. I'll also put up a couple more Christmas downloads soon - CB

More Free Downloads for Christmas!!

OK - here's New Tomorrows from Tokyo Vogue and a very new Tchaikovsky piece from the Nutcracker. It's all done straight from the orchestral score - with lots of ebow and guitar. All in the Music section...

Free Christmas mp3s!!

Check in the Music section for some free holiday music to download! Best to all!

New Album(s) Update!

I hope to have a new solo Chris CD out next summer; I'm busy producing (and playing guitar on) an album for vocalist Lissa Hanner here in Colorado that is really getting interesting. The album is a mainstream pop record featuring some originals I co-wrote with Lissa and some powerful remakes of tunes by Leonard Cohen, PJ Harvey, and others. I promise my next solo recording will have more piano work as people seem to really enjoy that; it will also feature somewhat less minimalist arrangements (possibly) and perhaps some drums this time. We'll see!

Tokyo Vogue CD out!

I went ahead and remastered the best of the Tokyo Vogue stuff I had and pressed a CD - definitely an 80's gem and Bill's drumming is so-o-o solid! Polygram should have signed that act...from that one band, Keith ended up doing a bunch of work with Nine Inch Nails, Bill and I toured Ireland with the Joy Scouts before he got his own act (Cola) signed to Sony, and I did a stint with The Mission U.K., in their early, mysterious years. TV fans head to the Buy section...

A new web site!!

hey - hope you like it. Hung out with John Waters and Jeff from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm" last night. Boonie shows this weekend and an update on the new album I'm producing soon!

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